U.S. Department of State Climate Action Report, September 1994   [open html - 463KB]

"This document, the Climate Action Report [CAR], represents the first formal U.S. communication under the Framework Convention on Climate Change, as required under Articles 4.2 and 12. It is a snapshot--a description of the current U.S. program. It does not seek to identify additional policies or measures that might ultimately be taken as the United States continues to move forward in addressing climate change, nor is it intended to be a revision of the U.S. Climate Change Action Plan. It is not a substitute for existing or future decision-making processes--whether administrative or legislative--or for additional measures developed by or with the private sector. Meeting the formal reporting requirements in the Climate Convention, this document is also intended to identify existing policies and measures, and thus to assist in establishing a basis for considering future actions. This document has been developed using the methodologies and format agreed to at the Ninth Session of the Intergovernmental Negotiating Committee for a Framework Convention on Climate Change. We assume that this communication, like those of other countries, will be reviewed and discussed in the evaluation process for the Parties of the Convention. We hope that the measures detailed here provide useful examples of possible directions for the future."

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