National Concept of Operations for Maritime Domain Awareness   [open pdf - 710KB]

"This Maritime Domain Awareness (MDA) Concept of Operations (CONOPS) provides a foundation for developing interagency and agency-specific policies, processes, procedures, and organizational relationships to align activities that contribute to achieving MDA. This initial spiral is primarily interagency focused, providing a federal approach to developing maritime domain awareness at home and abroad in support of the security, safety, economy, and environment of the United States. Many of the concepts and ideas expressed in this document are also applicable in working with local, state, tribal, international and private sector partners. Achieving MDA depends on the ability to monitor activities in such a way that trends can be identified and anomalies detected. The desired state is transparency in the maritime domain. This document has two purposes. First, it is intended to execute the National Plan to Achieve Maritime Domain Awareness (MDA Plan) in support of the National Strategy for Maritime security and National Security Presidential Directive-41 / Homeland Security Presidential Directive-13 and help create an effective, on-going National MDA Enterprise. Second, it seeks to provide the members and leadership of that enterprise the benefit of understanding gained by inter-departmental work groups over a period of three years. It is intended to be strategic in nature so as to permit flexibility in addressing agency-specific needs."

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