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"The Volpe Center has an increasing role in global transportation issues. In the Highlights for January 2000, I wrote about the expansion of our work to the international arena. This trend continues and is reflected in much of our recent work. Our approach is flexible. The Volpe Center shares its technical knowledge by being able to respond to specific challenges such as the reconstruction work begun last year in Honduras. The Center also makes its technological advances available to the general global community. For example, new Global Positioning System technology has been made available to other countries including Australia and several European nations. We work with our international colleagues by developing collaborative agreements and participating in international working groups. We also host meetings for various transportation groups from all over the world and receive many transportation delegations from other countries. In addition to our country specific work on the international front, we are also involved in international efforts to address such problems as global warming. Mr. Kevin Green of the Transportation Strategic Planning and Analysis Office plays an important role in supporting DOT's [Department of Transportation] Center for Climate Change and Environmental Forecasting, which works to develop solutions for managing greenhouse gas emissions and the effects of climate changes on transportation systems. Mr. Green was part of a team that has provided technical support to the government of Argentina in voluntarily setting targets for greenhouse gas emissions. He has also represented DOT at international workshops and negotiating sessions under the United Nations' framework of the Convention on Climate Change."

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Volpe Center Highlights (November/December 2000)
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