Obama Administration Officials, State and Local Leaders Collaborate on Coordinated Approach to Gulf Coast's Future [April 12, 2010]   [open pdf - 47KB]

This press release from April 12, 2010 briefly discusses the meeting between state and local leaders and President Obama's staff regarding the Gulf Coast's future. From the statement: "Since taking office in January 2009, the Obama Administration has worked hard to provide residents of the Gulf Coast with the tools that they need to recover from the hurricanes, and to rebuild their lives and communities. The Administration is deeply committed to serving the needs of Gulf Coast residents, as it has shown by cutting through the bureaucratic red tape that delayed assistance and by improving coordination among Federal agencies and with State and local government partners. As a result, nearly $2.4 billion for Public Assistance projects in Louisiana and Mississippi that had been stalled for years has been obligated since the start of the Administration; and thousands of individuals who had been dependent on temporary disaster housing are on the road to self-sufficiency."

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