1996 Volcanic Activity in Alaska and Kamchatka: Summary of Events and Response of the Alaska Volcano Observatory   [open pdf - 961KB]

"During 1996, the Alaska Volcano Observatory (AVO) responded to eruptive activity, anomalous seismicity, or suspected volcanic activity at 10 of the approximately 40 active volcanic centers in the state of Alaska (fig. 1). These events included a dramatic volcano-seismic crisis at Akutan and a vigorous strombolian eruption at Pavlof. As part of a formal role in KVERT (the Kamchatkan Volcano Eruption Response Team; Miller and Kurianov, 1993), AVO staff also disseminated information about eruptions and other volcanic unrest at six volcanic centers on the Kamchatka Peninsula and in the Kurile Islands. 1996 saw significant expansion of AVO's instrumental monitoring networks. With supplemental funding from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), AVO more than doubled the number of instrumented volcanoes adding Griggs, Katmai, Novarupta, Trident, Mageik, and Martin (collectively called the 'Katmai area volcanoes'), Pavlof, Dutton, Akutan, and Makushin to the real-time seismic network (fig 2; table 1). Seismic data from these volcanoes are relayed via radio telemetry and telephone to AVO facilities in Anchorage and Fairbanks where they are displayed in real-time, analyzed, and archived. An alarm system alerts AVO to unusual seismicity during nonbusiness hours, and AVO scientists now have the ability to monitor levels of seismicity remotely via the internet. Not surprisingly, this increase in the number of monitored volcanoes has significantly increased the work load for all components of the AVO organization. This report presents a summary of responses to volcanic activity and increased seismicity in Alaska, the Russian Far East, and the Kuriles during 1996."

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