TsuInfo, a Tsunami Information Component of the National Tsunami Hazard Mitigation Program   [open pdf - 420KB]

"The TsuInfo Program was established in 1998 as an information delivery component of the National Tsunami Hazard Mitigation Program. T he program's primary functions are to gather materials about tsunami hazard mitigation, to provide that information to local emergency managers and government officials in the at-risk coastal communities in the five Pacific states, and to promote communication within that hazard mitigation community. The Program is based at the Washington State Geological Survey library in Olympia, Washington. There, we have been rapidly acquiring books, articles, maps, videos, and other materials about tsunami mitigation and disaster management to support this program. The program's primary community tool is the newsletter, TsuInfo Alert, now issued bimonthly and available on Internet (http://www.wa.gov/dnr/htdocs/ger/tsindex.html). It includes news about Mitigation programs and events in the five Pacific States, original and reprinted articles about and tsunami hazard mitigation, and various program announcements. The TsuInfo Program has been successful and continues to grow. The newsletter is now sent, in print and (or) electronically, to over 300 sites in the five states and to their congressional delegations. We Continue to provide research and mitigation materials- including articles, videos, displays, and reprints to the local communities and program participants. Overall, this program continues to be a voice and a focus for tsunami hazard mitigation information in the Pacific states."

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ITS 2001 Proceedings, NTHMP Review Session, Paper R-20
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