Fire Fighter Fatality Investigation and Prevention Program: Findings from a National Evaluation   [open pdf - 928KB]

"Firefighters are called on to rescue people and protect property under serious and hazardous conditions. Some 100 firefighters die each year on duty, and another 80,000 are injured. Recommendations developed through the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health's (NIOSH's) Fire Fighter Fatality Investigation and Prevention Program (FFFIPP) point to a number of safety practices that could improve the health and safety of the nation's firefighters. The purpose of this document is to summarize the findings of an evaluation of the FFFIPP. The goals of the evaluation were to assess the effects of FFFIPP recommendations on fire department policies and procedures and to identify possible strategies for improving the impact of the FFFIPP. The evaluation is based on a national survey of fire departments together with a series of focus groups with frontline firefighters. Key findings from the evaluation are that (1) small, volunteer departments have the greatest challenges to following safety guidelines; (2) existing resources limit safety practices; (3) gaps in knowledge and attitudes limit safety; (4) FFFIPP reports provide useful information but fire departments need additional information and in additional formats; (5) FFFIPP materials need to be better marketed and distributed; and (6) increasing awareness of FFFIPP investigations likely will improve safety practices."

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