S. Rept. 98-10: Report to Senate On Select Committee on Intelligence, February 28, 1983   [open pdf - 2MB]

"Recent years have witnessed a growth in public awareness of the importance of intelligence that is timely, relevant and of the highest quality. Accurate intelligence is required for informed decision making on many critical defense and foreign policy issues, such as the development of national nuclear weapons programs or Soviet use of chemical agents in warfare. With the passage of the Intelligence Oversight Act, the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, its counterpart in the House of Representatives, and the Intelligence Community formalized a mutual commitment to insure that this nation has the best possible intelligence collection, analysis and production capabilities consistent with the protection of the rights of Americans provided by the Constitution and statutes. [...] The public's confidence in U.S. intelligence activities is preserved and enhanced in part through this process of Congressional oversight of the activities of the Intelligence Community. The Senate Select Committee on Intelligence reviews the Community's programs, determines their budgets, and is regularly notified of significant intelligence activities at home and abroad. In discharging its constitutional and statutory functions and preserving necessary secrecy, the Committee has sought to steer the difficult course between meaningful review of executive intelligence activities and judicious treatment of highly sensitive information."

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S. Rept. 98-10; Senate Report 98-10
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