S. Rept. 95-217: Annual Report to the Senate of the Select Committee on Intelligence, United States Senate, together with Additional Views, May 18, 1977   [open pdf - 3MB]

"The first duty assigned by the Senate to the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, when it was created on May 19, 1976, was to develop effective processes of oversight and accountability for the intelligence activities of the United States. The most difficult task facing the committee was to balance the right of the public and the Senate to be informed of the government's activities with the countervailing necessity to protect valid national secrets. The Constitution's design of interaction among the three separate branches of government is based on the conviction that the responsibilities for all that government does, even secret activities, must be shared by the three branches of government in their appropriate ways. This is the best protection that the public has that secret activities will not erode our freedoms. [...] This first annual report by the committee is an accounting to the Senate and public of the performance to date of legislative oversight. We have tried in this report to describe fully the processes developed for effective oversight and accountability. The details of much that the committee has been involved in remains classified. While valid national security concerns prevent the committee from placing these details in the public record, the full record is available to the Senate in accordance with the provisions of S. Res. 400."

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S. Rept. 95-217; Senate Report 95-217
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