Serving the Congress and the Nation: Strategic Plan 2002-2007   [open pdf - 197KB]

This report updates GAO's strategic plan for serving Congress from fiscal year 2002-2007. Although the overall framework of the old plan is still valid, greater emphasis is being placed in a number of areas to reflect the altered agenda of policymakers. Recognizing that Congress and the federal government will focus considerable effort and resources on homeland security, GAO is proposing to increasing its emphasis on overseeing the efficiency and effectiveness of effort across the public and private sectors to protect against and respond to various forms of terrorism. In light of the changing public expectations and needs as well as fiscal pressures, GAO has redefined one of its strategic goals to focus on transforming the federal government's role to meet the challenges of the 21st century--what it does and how it does business. Because of the far reaching demographic and fiscal trends that will affect the United States, GAO excepts to add greater long-range focus to its work to support Congress in addressing program priorities and budget decisions.

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