FBI's Ten Most Wanted Fugitives: 60th Anniversary, 1950-2010   [open pdf - 21MB]

"The purpose of this brief analysis was to examine the past 20 years of the FBI's [Federal Bureau of Investigation's] 'Ten Most Wanted Fugitives' program, and how it has evolved at a time when the Bureau's organizational priorities have grown and shifted to a larger national security focus, with less resources devoted to catching fugitives. Specifically, the analysis looked at the types of crimes for which 'Top Ten' fugitives are wanted, how far from the scene of the crime they were when they were located, and the major factors that led to their capture. The pool of eligible crimes for inclusion on the list has evolved as the FBI's investigative responsibilities have broadened. What was once an exclusive list of bank robbers, escaped convicts, and murderers now includes additional crime categories such as terrorism, crimes against children, and organized crime."

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