Semiannual Report to Congress, Office of Inspector General, U.S. Department of Transportation, April 1, 2000- September 30, 2000   [open pdf - 1MB]

"The first year of the 21st Century brought with it numerous challenges to the Office of Inspector General. During the past fiscal year, we issued 128 audit reports, testified before Congress 28 times and conducted criminal investigations that resulted in 235 convictions. These statistics indicate how seriously we take our statutory mission to detect and prevent waste, fraud and abuse while assisting DOT and Members of Congress in achieving a safe, efficient and effective transportation system. Congress has authorized and appropriated record sums of Federal funds for highway, transit and aviation infrastructure projects. In 2000, Congress enacted the Wendell H. Ford Aviation Investment and Reform Act for the 21st Century (AIR-21) and appropriated nearly $58.5 billion to DOT for FY2001. This significant infusion of funds for transportation presents additional challenges to our oversight responsibilities . That is the reason why we have initiated a major proactive effort to prevent and detect possible fraud in transportation infrastructure projects. We investigated 58 such cases during the reporting period."

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