Speech By Douglas J. Feith, Under Secretary of Defense for Policy to the American Jewish Committee   [open pdf - 31KB]

Under Secretary of Defense for Policy, Douglas J. Feith gave a speech to the American Jewish Committee concerning the war on Terrorism. Under Secretary Feith said "I'd like to talk with you about the war on terrorism - to discuss the progress of the war and share some thoughts about its nature, our objectives and our strategy. Our enemy in the war on terrorism is not a state or a group of states. Our enemy is not organized as a conventional military force. We cannot define victory as the conquering and subduing of a particular piece of territory or a people. We cannot expect that our own territory will be spared major damage so long as our armed forces remain undefeated. This is indeed a most unusual war - different from any that we fought in the past. We're fighting not a nation but a terrorist network - one might even say a network of networks, an amorphous structure present in many countries, including those of our allies, and in the United States itself. So it's a complicated struggle on multiple fronts. And we can't rely on conventional armed power to the extent we relied on such means in past wars. That's why administration officials so often stress that we must bring to bear the full range of instruments of US national power, including intelligence, financial, diplomatic and, not least, moral, as well as military tools. Fundamental to our strategy is the recognition that we can't just defend ourselves at our own borders. We have no choice but to take the offensive".

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