Bridging the Dangerous Gap between the West and the Muslim World   [open pdf - 38KB]

Deputy Secretary of Defense Paul Wolfowitz gave a speech on how best to bridge the gap between the West and the Muslim World. Deputy Wolfowitz said "We hear and read a lot today about the clash of cultures, or what Samuel Huntington called the clash of civilizations. Today, I would like to take a moment to go beyond the headlines--both to get some altitude and to look a bit deeper at what I believe is less a clash of cultures than a collision of misunderstanding between the Muslim and Western worlds. My view on the subject of East and West, one that has been shaped by personal experience, is decidedly optimistic. But, that does not mean I am not a realist, or that I can't see the stark truth that confronts us today: There is a dangerous gap between the West and the Muslim world. We must bridge this gap, and we must begin now--the gap is wide and there is no time for delay. Whether we are successful in narrowing the critical divide between East and West will be a major factor in shaping the future.

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