Connecticut Hurricane Evacuation Study and Technical Data Report   [open pdf - 4MB]

"The primary purpose of the Connecticut Hurricane Evacuation Study is to provide the State of Connecticut, local emergency management agencies, and evacuation decision-makers with data necessary to plan for and evacuate areas vulnerable to hurricane flooding. To accomplish this. the Study provides information on the extent and severity of potential flooding from hurricanes, the associated vulnerable population, capacities of existing public shelters and estimated sheltering requirements, and evacuation roadway clearance times. The report also provides guidance on how this information can be used with National Hurricane Center advisories for hurricane evacuation decision-making. Products developed from the Study include the Connecticut Hurricane Evacuation Study, Technical Data Report, and two companion atlases. The first atlas, the Inundation Map Atlas, shows the areas of communities most vulnerable to flooding from hurricanes: . The second atlas, the Evacuation Map Atlas, shows the evacuation zones developed from the Inundation Map Atlas in. close cooperation with community officials. The Evacuation Map Atlas also gives the locations of public shelters, medical/institutional facilities, and mobile home/trailer parks."

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