Detecting Deception: A Bibliography of Counterdeception across Time, Cultures, and Disciplines; Second Edition   [open pdf - 3MB]

This book is a comprehensive bibliography on the theory and practice of counterdeception. The author has selected "works that make original contributions to useful theory and principles, as well as effective methods of detection and relevant case studies. [...] Each entry includes his personal commentary, as well as an overall score for relevance. In so doing, Dr. Whaley has made a thoughtful attempt to advocate and point the researcher to a theory or specific method for consistently effective counterdeception. At the same time, this bibliography makes significant inroads toward breaking down traditional barriers between disciplines, which only enrich our understanding of deception and its detection." According to Whaley, "this book is designed to help achieve three goals: (1) To be the first standard guide to the literature on detection and intelligence analysis in general; (2) To point the reader to those specific writings most useful for analysis, research, development, teaching, or training; [and] (3) To alert the reader to the main competing theories and methods used for analyzing mysteries, particularly where deception is present."

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