Sector New Orleans, Louisiana: Geographic Response Plan   [open pdf - 634KB]

"Develop Incident Action Plans to be utilized as a resource to support oil spill response by the Federal On Scene Coordinator and/or On Scene Coordinator and participating Unified Command agency members to meet the needs of a given incident. Adopting a common approach also facilitates and fosters the sharing of resources and responsibilities among other marine oil spill responders, such as industry and Coast Guard through the mechanism of the ICS and unified command. The effective management of a large emergency requires the coordination, participation, and support of all the main 'stakeholders' that have either functional responsibilities (fire fighting, law enforcement, social services), jurisdictional responsibility (local, provincial/state/parish, or federal governments), or both. The responsible party may also be represented during the response. As a component of marine oil spill preparedness, this document serves as a reference on and encouragement for the use of a common emergency management system for industry, associations, and agencies interested in developing their own response plans and teams. This document will be reviewed and maintained annually by this Subcommittee to ensure that the information remains current."

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USCG Sector Mobile Digital Area Contingency Plan: http://ocean.floridamarine.org/acp/mobacp/
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