Intro to the NERC/NICP Indications, Analysis & Warnings Program: IAW Program: Electric Power Sector   [open pdf - 3MB]

This presentation outlines the growing threat of a potential cyber attack on the electrical power industry in the United States. The government and industries lack the financial and human resources to deal with a proposed threat. The problem stems from easy access from unauthorized users into computer systems via an increase in worldwide connectivity. The Indications, Analysis & Warnings (IAW) Program, Electric Power Sector, responds to the increased risk of physical & cyber threats. The Electric Power participants are crucial to government and other critical industries such as water, banking and finance, telecommunications and transportation because these industries and government rely upon electricity. How the Program Works: (1) A company agrees to participate and distributes jobaids and forms so employees know how to recognize & report incidents; (2) When there is an "incident", you fill out a report, and send it to NIPC and NERC; (3) At the same time, NIPC is collecting data from numerous other organizations; (4) Industry experts review the data and look for trends and send out warnings if warranted.

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