Hurricane Warning: The Critical Need for a National Hurricane Research Initiative [January 12, 2007]   [open pdf - 965KB]

"The Board presents herein an agenda for action -- a National Hurricane Research Initiative (NHRI) -- that will provide urgently needed hurricane science and engineering research and education that engages relevant agencies across the Federal government; involves industry, academia, and other levels of government; establishes highly focused priorities; strengthens disciplinary research; creates multidisciplinary frameworks for studying the hurricane in an integrative fashion; and stimulates the efficient transfer of research outcomes to operational practice. An additional annual national investment of approximately $300 million is required to implement this critical agenda. Many facets of NHRI will also contribute to the knowledge needs of other critical priorities for our Nation, such as homeland security requirements for an improved understanding of human behavior under conditions of extreme stress, the need to quickly mobilize large numbers of people, and the ability to communicate information quickly. Owing to the clear and increasing threat posed by hurricanes and their unique challenges relative to other natural hazards, the Board strongly recommends that NHRI be established as a focused activity with well defined metrics for success, effective assessment mechanisms and a clearly articulated pathway from research to operations. By strategically focusing on this specific and significant societal problem, NHRI will be better positioned to achieve its vital goals while also contributing to broader programs that encompass shared challenges. The present Federal investment in hurricane science and engineering research relative to the tremendous damage and suffering caused by hurricanes is insufficient and time is not on our side."

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