S. Rept. 110-54: Energy Diplomacy and Security Act of 2007, Report to Accompany S. 193, April 12, 2007   [open pdf - 50KB]

"The Committee on Foreign Relations, having had under consideration a bill to increase cooperation on energy issues between the United States Government and foreign governments and entities in order to secure the strategic and economic interests of the United States, and for other purposes, reports favorably thereon and recommends that the bill do pass. The Energy Diplomacy and Security Act of 2007 is intended to increase United States diplomatic attention and capacity in matters related to energy security. Through a series of hearings noted in Section III of this report, the committee established that the United States national security is threatened by its current reliance on energy imports, particularly oil, and this reliance is constraining foreign policy options. 'No one who is honestly assessing the decline of American leverage around the world due to our energy dependence can fail to see that energy is the albatross of U.S. national security,' Senator Lugar said at The Brookings Institution on March 13, 2006. At the March 30, 2006 hearing, Senator Biden said, 'Our foreign policy has been distorted for over half a century by our dependence on oil from parts of the world with very different interests from our own.' Energy issues are central to contemporary global politics. Energy resources are more frequently being used for political gain. Foreign governments directly control more than three-quarters of the world's oil supplies, and an increasing number of these governments are using their oil wealth to entrench corruption and authoritarianism, fund anti-American demagogic appeals, and support terrorism."

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S. Rept. 110-54; Senate Report 110-54
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