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Compilation of the Proceedings of the First Annual Homeland Defense and Homeland Security Conference. The following is taken from the introduction of the report: "The 'Transformation of the Reserve Component,' the title of our panel, is interesting but should not necessarily be examined in a vacuum, as the transformation of the reserve component cannot be generally separated from the transformation of the Department of Defense (DoD). When President Bush was first elected, he articulated his goal for DoD transformation. Since that time, efforts have continued to reach that goal, even in the midst of on-going combat operations in Afghanistan and Iraq. Some have questioned whether these efforts--transformation and combat operations--should be conducted simultaneously, but I would argue that it is the only approach we can take in today's world. I have heard Ms. Mackenzie Eaglen, a Senior Policy National Security Analyst at the Heritage Foundation, suggest the Army National Guard employ a Stryker Brigade Combat Team in their efforts to reorganize, modernize and equip in lieu of heavy brigades or heavy battalions. Those of us who currently serve or who have served in the Army know that the size and shape of the forces used in combat operations, war, are made up of the forces you currently have. Although Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld was criticized when he stated, 'you go to war with the army you have, not the army you want,' he was speaking the truth. In hindsight, it's easy to say 'shoulda, coulda, woulda,' in how we approached, conducted and continue to conduct our operations abroad, but we are where we are. Being from the 'we are where we are' school of management, I believe we cannot go back, but must instead move on from where we are now. The DoD has adopted and now lives by the 'total force concept,' which means having the right forces for the right capabilities for the right operations at any given time. What many may not understand is that the National Guard and the Reserve Components which include the Army and the Air Force National Guard, as well as the Service Title 10 Reserve Components are, in fact, fully integrated into that total force concept. Therefore, the Reserve Component is part of those right forces and are employed for their right capabilities to be used for the right operations at any given time."

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Threats at Our Threshold: Homeland Defense and Homeland Security in the New Century: A Compilation of the Proceedings of the First Annual Homeland Defense and Homeland Security Conference
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