Firefighter Fatalities in the United States in 2007   [open pdf - 4MB]

"This report continues a series of annual studies by the USFA of onduty firefighter fatalities in the United States. The specific objective of this study is to identify all onduty firefighter fatalities that occurred in the United States and its protectorates in 2007, and to analyze the circumstances surrounding each occurrence. The study is intended to help identify approaches that could reduce the number of firefighter deaths in future years. In addition to the 2007 overall findings, this study includes information on seatbelt use for firefighters and efforts to encourage seatbelt use. […] Onduty fatalities include any injury or illness sustained while on duty that proves fatal. The term 'onduty' refers to being involved in operations at the scene of an emergency, whether it is a fire or nonfire incident; responding to or returning from an incident; performing other officially assigned duties such as training, maintenance, public education, inspection, investigations, court testimony, and fundraising; and being on call, under orders, or on standby duty except at the individual's home or place of business. An individual who experiences a heart attack or other fatal injury at home while he or she prepares to respond to an emergency is considered on duty when the response begins. A firefighter who becomes ill while performing fire department duties and suffers a heart attack shortly after arriving home or at another location may be considered on duty since the inception of the heart attack occurred while the firefighter was on duty."

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