National Influenza Pandemic Preparedness and Response Plan [Tonga]   [open pdf - 0B]

This document is the pandemic influenza response plan for the country of Tonga effective 2006. "This Plan aims at providing guidance for strategic activities for Tonga to be undertaken by respective stakeholders in order to address the threat and in response to an event of an influenza-pandemic. The Plan is targeted to be used by wide range of people who will be involved in the planning and responding to the threat of a pandemic, namely the Ministry of Health staffs [public and clinical health staffs, auxillary services eg laboratory, health administrators/planners], other essential service providers [eg Immigration, Police, Defense, Justice, Education, Red Cross, others], Border control [Aviation, Port Authority], Media and Communication, civil society. It is to provide national guidance for all the stakeholders, as represented in the Epidemic/Pandemic taskforce, to plan and operationalise strategic response to the threat or the even of an influenza-pandemic. It is also to be used not only as an advisory tool to the Government but also as a guide for monetary assumptions for funding and/or seek funding of the Plan The development of the Plan is in accordance to the revised Global pandemic phases as provided by the World Health Organization (WHO) pandemic plan 2005. There are prescribed activities as per phase but they are not limited to that phase only, and in accordance to some assumptions that may be appropriate for Tonga."

2007 Tonga.
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