Zumwalt-Class Destroyer: A Technology 'Bridge' Shaping the Navy after Next   [open pdf - 107KB]

"The U.S. Navy's decision to truncate procurement of the original fleet of thirty-two guided-missile destroyers of the Zumwalt (DDG 1000) class to just three ships does not diminish the value of the program to the United States as a technology bridge to the 'Navy after Next.' Rarely has the Navy had such an opportunity to do just what the Chief of Naval Operations (CNO), Admiral Gary Roughead, directed in early 2009: 'To take advantage of the technologies, to learn from them' and to prepare the Navy for the uncertain 'hybrid warfare' strategic environment of the future.1 Testing, refining, and retesting these technologies and systems in a major surface warship can accelerate the Navy's efforts to provide robust, flexible, and agile forces for tomorrow's roles, missions, and tasks. Indeed, the lead DDG 1000 offers the potential to leverage today's technology investments so as to help shape the characteristics and capabilities of warships yet to come."

Author:Truver, Scott C.
Galdorisi, George, 1948-
Publisher:Naval War College (U.S.)
Copyright:Public Domain
Retrieved From:Naval War College: http://usnwc.edu
Media Type:application/pdf
Source:Naval War College Review (Summer 2010), v.63 no.3, p.63-72
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