Commitment to Security: Civil Aviation Security Plan 2001-2004   [open pdf - 53KB]

This document outlines the Federal Aviation Administration's goals and necessary actions to fulfill those goals between 2001 and 2004. Those goals include: not having a successful attack against U.S. civil aviation; no fatalities as the result of hazardous goods transported on civil aviation; strong internal FAA security; a highly trained and motivated workforce; and good relationships with other organizations to further the FAA's commitment to security. From the text: "Industry growth, new technologies, and an evolving terrorist threat create tremendous challenges for FAA civil aviation security (ACS) and the aviation industry. Projections indicate that demand for airport and air carrier passenger services will increase approximately 50 percent in the next decade, and cargo will increase approximately 80 percent over the same time period. Ensuring optimal security and safety for the flying public will depend upon the FAA and industry maintaining a candid, respectful, and mutually responsive business relationship. In addition, to keep pace with world events, the FAA must develop a more security-minded culture to protect its employees and facilities. Finally, external competition will require that FAA become an employer of choice to attract and retain the best possible workforce. This plan will ensure that we overcome these challenges."

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