Remarks and Q&A by the Deputy Director of National Intelligence for Analysis & Chairman, National Intelligence Council Dr. Thomas Fingar, 2008 INSA Analytic Transformation Conference, Orlando, Florida, September 4, 2008   [open pdf - 196KB]

From the keynote address of Dr. Thomas Fingar: "I thank John Brennan and INSA for convening you and for giving us the opportunity to build upon the foundation we laid in Chicago and the subsequent meetings in Washington, to give reality to the term alliance, and the partnership between the intelligence community, and between those of you who serve and support from outside of the government. The opportunity, indeed the necessity, to combine what each of us know separately to form a larger body of more relevant and more timely information to keep our nation safe is one that we must not squander. My task this morning is to talk about customer relations on the eve of an administration change. I'm delighted for that even though I had no idea what the title meant when it was assigned to me because it provided an opportunity to think about three messages that I'd like to lay on you this morning and begin a dialogue. And I mean that sincerely. As we talk about the transition, the change of an administration, what are the things that we need to do that we may not have yet initiated? Or that we may not have told you about? What are the problems you think we need to be aware of as we go into a transition?"

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