Tools of Prevention: Building Prevention and Deterrence into Exercise Programs   [open pdf - 6MB]

"This thesis will briefly explore the questions surrounding why prevention has typically not been incorporated into homeland security exercises and strives to document and demonstrate that prevention can be exercised. It will look at various prevention strategies, most notably, 'All-Crimes,' Information Sharing, Private Sector Security, Attack Trees, Red-Teaming, and Behavioral Analysis, to determine how these prevention-related tools can be integrated into exercise design and conduct. These tools can be used in exercises individually or in groups. They are, however, not the end-state, as other tools undoubtedly exist. Prevention as a science and a skill is still in its infancy; with additional research, analysis, and practice, maturity will come. This thesis also endeavors to provide a road map for agencies desiring to understand and exercise prevention activities. Understanding that prevention can be practiced and exercised through the use of certain tools is one significant step in having the guidance necessary to begin a prevention exercise, or better, a complete prevention exercise program. Agencies using these tools, working within the Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation Program (HSEEP) Guidelines, and using technical expertise available from local, national, and federal subject-matter experts, should have that road map."

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