Intelligence Community Directive Number 610: Competency Directories for the Intelligence Community Workforce (Effective Date 1 September 2008; Amended 4 October 2010)   [open pdf - 950KB]

This Directive was amended by Richard Fravel as of 4 October 2010. The effective date remains 1 September 2008. The purpose and applicability of the Directive is as follows: "This Directive establishes IC-wide policy for identifying, defining, validating, using, cataloging, and disseminating, as applicable, IC-wide, departmental, independent agency, and component-specific competencies; provides a uniform competency nomenclature, including standard labels and definitions for describing IC workforce capabilities; promulgates an initial directory of IC competencies; and requires that qualification, training, career development, performance, promotion, and other standards for managing IC civilian personnel be derived from these competencies and nomenclature. This Directive applies to the executive departments and independent agencies, which are components of the IC or contain components of the IC as defined by the National Security Act of 1947, as amended, that have IC employees, and to civilian employees of other departments or agencies that may be designated by the President or designated jointly by the DNI and the head of the executive department or agency concerned, as an IC component, regardless of funding source. This Directive also applies to employees appointed on a time-limited basis or certain other employees of an executive department, as designated by the head of that department, to the extent permitted by law. This ICD may be extended to Federal Wage System employees at an IC component's discretion. Further, to the extent permitted by governing law, regulation, and policy, and at the discretion of the Departments of State and Defense, this ICD may also apply to uniformed military and Foreign Service personnel."

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ICD-610: Intelligence Community Directive Number 610
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