Administrative and Management Operations of the U.S. Capitol Police, Hearing before the United States Senate, Committee on Rules and Administration, July 16, 2008   [open Unknown - 345KB]

From the opening statement of Dianne Feinstein: "We expect to hear from the Chief about the state of the Department and direction he plans on taking the Department over the next few years. I expect that the Chief will discuss how he plans on advancing the professional development of his agency and how he plans on anticipating and meeting future challenges. I also expect to hear how the opening of the new Capitol Visitors Center will affect current force staffing. Acquiring a new interoperable and secure radio system for the Capitol Police, I believe should be a key priority for the Department, and I believe we need to get it done. The current radio system the Capitol Police rely on has very limited interoperability. They cannot communicate with local police and fire or other Federal law enforcement agencies. The system is neither secure nor encrypted and it has several coverage holes, or dead spots, where the radios simply will not work." The statements of Senator Bennett, Philip D. Morse, Richard M. Stana, and Matthew Tighe are included in this transcript.

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