Building a New Storyline for Florida's Domestic Security to Provide Future Resiliency for the State   [open pdf - 395KB]

"Quickly after the 9/11 event, the state of Florida drafted one of the Nation's first comprehensive counterterrorism strategies to aid in the protection of the state's visitors and citizens. This strategy was drafted early in the new paradigm of Homeland Security. The strategy had several modifications over the years but has not had a comprehensive review since its inception. Many things have changed in the arena of Homeland Security since that first step after the 9/11 event. The analysis of interviews from Florida Homeland Security Leaders, and other states' homeland security strategies in combination with the Government Accountability Office (GAO) six desirable characteristics demonstrates the need for Florida to develop the next iteration of its domestic security strategy. This thesis recommends using the strengths of Florida's Regional Domestic Security Task Force, the Department of Homeland Security Target Capability List, and the GAO desirable characteristics combined with traditional elements of strategic planning to be the pillars of this new iteration of the strategy. A new vision and mission statement based on a traditional strategic planning tool will be the first step in building a new storyline for Florida's Domestic Security Strategy."

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