Response to the Recommendation to Limit USCIS Adjudication of Asylum Applications to Those Submitted by Individuals in Valid Non-Immigrant Status   [open pdf - 219KB]

This document is a response by Dr. Emilio T. Gonzales, Director of the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) to the recommendations made by the USCIS Ombudsman, Prakash Khatri-"to reform the asylum adjudication process." More specifically, Director Gonzales breaks down the response to the recommendations as follows: "we first analyze the justification and assumed benefits upon which you base your recommendations to limit USCIS adjudication of asylum applications to those filed by applicants with valid immigration status and to charge asylum applicants filing fees. We also address in detail why we believe that virtual elimination of the affirmative asylum process would be detrimental to the nation's asylum system. We next address your recommendation that Immigration and Custom Enforcement (ICE) assume responsibility for credible and reasonable fear screenings. Finally, we address in summary form the number of other recommendations embedded in the proposed regulation you put forward. As no explanation was included for those recommendations, we could not respond to their underlying rationales, but did carefully consider the merits of the proposed changes. We also provide an Executive Summary, given the length of this response."

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