Awareness in Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Operations   [open pdf - 350KB]

"Despite the name Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV), humans are integral to UAV operations. Since the UAV's operator interface is the primary facilitator of human-vehicle communication and coordination, a carefully designed interface is critical for successful UAV operations. To design an effective interface, it is essential to first determine the information needs for both the human and UAV components of the UAV system. We present the Human-UAV Awareness Framework, which we developed to inform UAV system design by detailing what information components should be provided to the human through the operator interface and to the vehicles as part of their onboard systems. Since there are a variety of UAV system designs, including a number of different possible human- UAV control schemes, the paper outlines the particular types of information that would be needed for two possible UAV system contexts: a base case, which assumes one human controller and one UAV, and a general case, which assumes n human controllers and m UAVs. The paper discusses several practical considerations involved in applying the framework to UAV system design, including the level of automation of the UAVs, potential human-UAV control schemes, humans' roles, and interaction with UAV stakeholders."

Jill L. Drury and Stacey D. Scott
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Command and Control Research Program: http://dodccrp.org/
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International C2 Journal: Vol. 2, No. 1, 2008
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