Iraq's Weapons of Mass Destruction Programs, July 2002   [open pdf - 883KB]

This document is the first draft of the final CIA white paper issued in October 2002, which was represented as a distillation of the national intelligence estimate (NIE) on Iraq published two days earlier. This first draft demonstrates that the white paper existed long before the NIE was even requested by Congress. In fact the illustrations in the July version are the same as those in the final report. A close comparison of the text shows, further, that much of the argumentation is identical, and that the differences between the two are strictly in the nature of separating text to insert more charges or to sharpen them. The entire product has the character of rhetoric. Little of the text shows the kind of approach characteristic of intelligence analysis. The fact that this document was in preparation at the CIA in July indicates that the Bush administration was actively engaged in a process of building support for war months ahead of the time it has previously been understood to have done so. In fact evidence exists that the CIA white paper was commissioned as early as May 2002.

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