Fact Sheet: Institutionalizing the Freedom Agenda: President Bush Calls on Future Presidents and Congresses to Continue Leading the Cause of Freedom Worldwide [October 9, 2008]   [open pdf - 92KB]

This fact sheet from the Office of the Spokesman in the State Department overviews the general goals of National Security Presidential Directive (NSPD) 58: Institutionalizing the Freedom Agenda, as well as more specific State Department initiatives to promote the NSPD. General goals includes things such as speaking out against human rights abuses, supporting high level public meetings with democratic reformers, apply to sanctions to oppressors, and conclude free trade agreements. Specific initiatives by the Secretary of State to advance freedom are as follows: launching the Global Human Rights Defenders Fund in 2007; training Chiefs and Deputy Chiefs of Missions, as well as Foreign Service and other employees, in promotion of democracy strategies; increase incentives for members of the Foreign Service for employees who perform well on democracy promotion assignments; instructing U.S. officials in undemocratic countries to maintain contact with political dissidents and human rights activists; and launching the website www.America.gov to facilitate increased access to information about the United States and democratic values.

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