Performance and Accountability Report: Fiscal Year 2004   [open pdf - 22MB]

This annual performance review of the Department of Homeland Security covers the fiscal year of 2004. "The Department of Homeland Security's Performance and Accountability Report for fiscal year 2004 provides financial and performance information that enables the President, Congress and the public to assess the effectiveness of the Department's mission performance and stewardship of resources. Our annual performance-based budget request to Congress and the Future Years Homeland Security Program identify the resources needed to effectively and efficiently fulfill our mission to lead the unified national effort to secure America. Throughout the year, the Department managers and executives use the types of information presented in this report to help gauge performance against resources allocated by Congress. Our performance measures are used to monitor our actions and enable executives to make decisions regarding future priorities. As a new department, we are learning more about the increasingly sophisticated risks and threats to the Nation. We have integrated our performance and financial information to guide us in implementing the most effective ways to combat these risks and threats. We continue to work aggressively to anticipate threats and develop and improve systems and technologies to protect against, counter and neutralize them. As such, this performance information helps us reassess and reprioritize resource requirements toward investments that have a demonstrable impact in mitigating the risks and threats to the Nation. We are continuing to link financial and performance information throughout the Department."

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