Intersectoral and International Cooperation on Combating Bioterrorism: Remarks of Marc L. Ostfield at NATO Conference on Elements of Combating WMD Terrorism, September 14, 2005   [open pdf - 39KB]

"It is a pleasure to be at this NATO conference with its explicit emphasis on international and intersectoral cooperation. U.S. efforts to combat WMD terrorism are inherently international in scope. Defeating terrorist organizations, preventing terrorist use of WMD, and enabling effective response and mitigation all require sustained, steadfast, and systematic international partnership. The trend away from centralized planning of terrorist activities and towards inspiration of local groups to commit acts of terror makes even more crucial the need for deeper international cooperation to defeat emerging violent extremist groups. The United States and its partners must intensify current efforts to bolster the political will and the intelligence, law enforcement, financial, health, agriculture, scientific, and military capabilities of partner nations to combat terrorism on their own or in partnership with us. No single country can successfully deal with WMD terrorism all on its own, but together we will prevail."

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