Apalachee Bay Region Hurricane Evacuation Study Technical Data Report For Gulf, Franklin, Wakulla and Jefferson Counties, Florida   [open pdf - 10MB]

"The purpose of this Hurricane Evacuation Study is to provide emergency management officials with realistic data by quantifying the major factors involved in hurricane evacuation decision-making. The technical data presented in this report is not intended to replace any detailed operations plans developed by any of the counties within the study area. Rather, this data is provided as a framework of information that each county can use to update and revise their hurricane evacuation plans and operational procedures to improve their response to future hurricane threats. […] Government officials and citizens alike must understand that the Apalachee Bay Region will be struck by a catastrophic hurricane some time in the future and that preparedness is of utmost importance. Obtaining information critical to good hurricane evacuation planning requires comprehensive and specialized analyses. The fiscal and staffing limitations of state and local emergency management agencies usually preclude the development of this data. In order to provide the needed technical information, the Federal Emergency Management Agency, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration have joined the Florida State Emergency Management Office and local emergency management agencies in conducting the Apalachee Bay Region Hurricane Evacuation Study."

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