Cyber Threat Today: Major Attacks on the Rise   [open pdf - 236KB]

The Federal Bureau of Investigation released an article describing how the number of e-attacks being waged against United States interests is on the increase. "Crooks and spies using the Internet to commit crimes against U.S. businesses and to attack government networks are getting more sophisticated, and the increasing number of such crimes not only impacts the economy but threatens national security. That's the message Shawn Henry, recently appointed head of our Cyber Division, delivered to a group of reporters on Wednesday, revealing that we have thousands of open cases into cyber crimes and organized cyber attacks and detailing our strategy to protect the nation's networks. One case in point: We joined our international partners yesterday in announcing a major takedown of a transnational criminal network that was buying and selling stolen financial information through an online forum known as 'Dark Market.' 'The business of the United States is done on the Internet,' said Henry, a veteran cyber crime investigator. And the information that flows electronically 24/7 is increasingly the target of not only identity thieves and scammers, but organized crime groups, terrorists, and overseas governments."

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