Briefing on the Missile Defense Agreement between the U.S. and Poland   [open pdf - 129KB]

This is a briefing on the missile defense agreement Between the U.S. and Poland. From the text: "First, I should start off by saying the agreement--there are two pieces here. One is a ballistic missile defense agreement, and the second is a declaration on strategic cooperation between the United States and Poland. I think taken as a whole, these things represent a substantial step in the U.S.- Poland bilateral security relationship. By any measure, they will lead to a much deeper and broader security relationship between our two countries. I think also it's fair to say this is a very important moment for NATO. This is something--the missile defense agreement that the United States and Poland reached recently is something that NATO had endorsed earlier in the year after the April meeting of heads of state and government at Bucharest. At that summit, which was really a watershed for the alliance, the heads of state and government said not only is there a missile threat which is growing; and, secondly, missile defense was an important part of a response to that; thirdly, an endorsement for the U.S. efforts with Poland and the Czech Republic to begin to establish a capability; and, fourthly, a call to expand this initial area by exploring options for greater NATO-wide--for a NATO-wide architecture for missile defense."

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