Remarks at the Conference on 'Tomorrow's Proliferation Pathways: Weak States, Rogues, and Non-State Actors'   [open pdf - 134KB]

These are the remarks of Mary Alice Hayward, Deputy Assistant Secretary, Nuclear Nonproliferation Policy and Negotiations, from the Belfast, ME conference on 'Tomorrow's Proliferation Pathways: Weak States, Rogues, and Non-State Actors'. From the text: "The principal objective of this conference is to examine the different 'proliferation pathways' available to state- and non-state actors on both the supply and demand side of today's proliferation market, with a view to identifying so-called 'gaps' in the international nonproliferation regime. Developing a deep understanding of these networks is an essential first step toward the goal of eliminating the threat that they pose to U.S. and international security. I applaud you for taking on this important issue, and my remarks today will give you a broad understanding of the current efforts and programs that the U.S. is undertaking both bilaterally and multilaterally to achieve this same objective. Starting in its earliest days, the Bush administration worked hard to identify and address these so-called 'gaps' in the international nonproliferation regime. In 2002 President Bush unveiled both the National Security Strategy of the United States and the National Strategy to Combat Weapons of Mass Destruction. These innovative and comprehensive strategies outlined the threats and challenges that WMD proliferation poses to U.S. and international security and described the means to combat them. The directives in these documents are unique. They are the first to unite all elements of national power in addressing the threat of WMD proliferation, they greatly expanded the range of U.S. nonproliferation tools, and they placed a new emphasis on counterproliferation and on consequence management."

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