Secretary Chertoff Hosts Blogger Roundtable on Cybersecurity [October 8, 2008]   [open pdf - 83KB]

From the remarks of Michael Chertoff: "As you know, earlier this year the President approved the cyber strategy, which I think is a recognition of the fact that this is perhaps an area of vulnerability we have that remains the greatest challenge for us in terms of addressing. I think we've done a lot with respect to physical infrastructure. We've done a lot with respect to borders and things of that sort, but the cyber area has been a tough area. And the reason we've been able to tackle it is because we've been able, for the first time, to bring all of the elements of the federal government together in a joint effort so that we can leverage some of the exceptional tools that the Defense Department has along with our ability to interact with the private sector in a way that will not only enable us to secure our government domains, which are the first priority in the near term, but to be able to offer the private sector some assistance and to enable them to secure their domains."

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