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This Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Headline Archive entitled " 'Dark Market' Takedown: Exclusive Cyber Club for Crooks Exposed," discusses an FBI two-year undercover cyber operation that concluded recently. The following is taken from the article, '...A discerning group of cyber criminals established a forum on the Internet called 'Dark Market,' where they bought and sold stolen financial information such as credit card data, login credentials (user names and passwords), and even electronic equipment for carrying out financial crimes. ...At its peak, this vast criminal network had over 2,500 registered members, who all believed they were operating in a protected cyber environment because they went to great lengths to vet members and to weed out undesirable elements. ...What they didn't know was that one of the site's administrators and most respected members, who called himself Master Splyntr, was one of us--an undercover FBI agent who had infiltrated the site posing as a cyber crook. 'It was a group of people who trusted each other,' said the undercover agent after the arrests. He explained that there are two types of cyber criminals: those who steal, but not from one another, and 'rippers,' who steal from anyone. Keeping the rippers off the Dark Market site, the agent explained, gave the other members a false sense of confidence. 'They did a good job of trying to be secure, and they felt secure. There was honor among thieves, so to speak."

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