Chemical Safety Audit Program: FY 1999 Status Report   [open pdf - 310KB]

"This is a comprehensive report on the status of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's Chemical Emergency Preparedness and Prevention Office's (CEPPO) Chemical Safety Audit (CSA) program since its inception in fiscal year (FY) 89, a review of the successful and problematic trends of CSA program implementation in FY 99, and a discussion of the current and future role of the CSA program in the CEPPO Prevention Strategy. In these eleven years, the CSA program has encompassed the review of the chemical process safety management systems of 382 facilities and the training of over 1400 federal, state, and local officials. In addition, the CSA program has developed a database of chemical safety audit information and supported numerous other related chemical accident prevention activities, including outreach and technical assistance for both the public and private sector. Chemical accident prevention involves identifying the causes of accidental releases of hazardous substances and the means to prevent them from occurring, promoting industry initiatives in these areas, and sharing the results with the community, industry, and other interested groups. […] This status report is intended to provide EPA headquarters and regional management with a better understanding of how the program is being implemented both at headquarters and in the regions, the purpose and goals of the audit program, and the type of information being generated and its uses. The following four topics are the focus of this report -- program activities, program results, regional program implementation, and analysis of audit results."

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