President's Identity Theft Task Force Report   [open pdf - 2MB]

"Two years ago, the President launched a new era in the fight against identity theft by issuing an executive order establishing the Identity Theft Task Force. The executive order charged 15 federal departments and agencies with crafting a comprehensive national strategy to combat more effectively this pernicious crime, which afflicts millions of Americans each year and, in some cases, causes devastating damage to its victims. One year later, on April 11, 2007, the Task Force submitted its Strategic Plan to the President. The Strategic Plan examined the nature and scope of identity theft and offered a far-reaching series of recommendations to reduce its incidence and impact. Although these recommendations were directed primarily at improving the federal government's response to identity theft, the Task Force recognized that everyone-consumers, the private sector, and federal, state, and local governments-has a role to play in fighting this crime. This report documents the Task Force's efforts to implement the Strategic Plan's recommendations. The Task Force has successfully carried out most of the recommendations or is making substantial progress in doing so."

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