Leveraging Service Oriented Architecture to Enhance Information Sharing for Surface Transportation Security   [open pdf - 475KB]

"This thesis determines the technology and architecture best suited for sharing security information among mass transit systems (MTS), their security partners, and TSA. The architecture would enable TSA to enhance the security of MTS and surface transportation. It incorporates existing security practices between MTS, their regional security partners, and TSA. Existing practices were determined through interviews and case reviews of regional information sharing networks. These were analyzed to identify gaps in information sharing practices and technology. Requirements for the architecture were established to close the gaps, accounting for the variability in size, capability, risk and ownership characteristics of MTS. A scalable architecture, adaptable to evolving homeland security requirements, and capable of exchanging information among disparate databases and formats was needed. Characteristics of Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) were analyzed and found to fulfill these requirements. Technologies underlying SOA, including XML and web services, were reviewed to develop the understanding needed to create the architecture. An architecture was created for TSA consistent with its organization and business practices, and that of MTS and their stakeholders. Data exchange standards being developed by DHS were incorporated in the architecture. Collaboration and governance considerations for implementing SOA were briefly discussed."

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