EPA/OSHA Joint Chemical Accident Investigation Report, Napp Technologies, Inc., Lodi, New Jersey   [open pdf - 4MB]

This document is a report from the Environmental Protection Agency and Occupational Safety and Health Administration on an investigation of an accident at the Napp Technologies facility at Lodi, New Jersey, on April 21, 1995. " The accident involved a commercial chemical mixture, a gold precipitating agent identified as ACR 9031 GPA, owned by Technic Inc. (Technic) of Cranston, Rhode Island and comprised of sodium hydrosulfite, aluminum powder, potassium carbonate and benzaldehyde (hereinafter "GPA"). EPA and OSHA undertook an investigation of this accident because of the serious consequences and the characteristics of the substances involved. This investigation was conducted in conjunction with OSHA' s enforcement investigation. […]The joint chemical accident investigation team (JCAIT) formed by OSHA and EPA determined that the most likely cause of the accident was the inadvertent introduction of water/heat into water-reactive materials (aluminum powder and sodium hydrosulfite) during the mixing operation." The report identified the causes and contributing factors of the accident and provided recommendations.

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