Privacy Impact Assessment for TSA Whole Body Imaging   [open pdf - 197KB]

"The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) will conduct pilot operations to evaluate the use of various Whole Body Imaging (WBI) technologies, including backscatter x-ray and millimeter wave devices, to detect threat objects carried on persons entering airport sterile areas1. WBI creates an image of the full body, showing the surface of the skin and revealing objects that are on the body, not in the body. To mitigate the privacy risk associated with creating an image of the individual's body, TSA isolated the Transportation Security Officer (TSO) viewing the image from the TSO interacting with the individual. During the initial phase of the pilot, individuals who must undergo secondary screening will be given the option of undergoing the normal secondary screening technique involving a physical pat down by a TSO or a screening by a WBI device. A subsequent phase will evaluate WBI technology for individuals undergoing primary screening. Individuals will be able to choose to undergo WBI screening in primary. In the interest of transparency to the public, this Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA) conducted pursuant to Section 222 of the Homeland Security Act ensures that technologies sustain and do not erode privacy protections. TSA has developed operating processes for the WBI, used for pilot operations, that do not collect, store, or distribute any personally identifiable information."

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