Literature Review on the Use of Commercial Bioremediation Agents for Cleanup of Oil-Contaminated Estuarine Environments   [open pdf - 229KB]

"The objective of this document is to conduct a comprehensive review of the use of commercial bioremediation products treating oil spills in all environments. Literature assessed includes peer-reviewed articles, company reports, government reports, and reports by cleanup contractors engaged in responses to oil spills. The scope of this review is in the general context of estuarine environments. […] The review will be useful for oil spill responders (e.g., on-scene coordinators and response contractors) to better understand the feasibility of bioremediation technology and as an aid in selecting bioremediation products. […] Section 1 provides an overall introduction of the background and the scope of this review. Section 2 presents an in-depth review of field tests of bioremediation products based on the scientific literature, which includes peer-reviewed journal articles, books, and major conference proceedings. Section 3 evaluates oil bioremediation products based on the non-peer reviewed literature articles gathered, such as government agency reports and vendor/service provider reports. Finally, Section 4 gives the conclusions and recommendations based on the reviewed information."

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