Energy: A Matter of National, Economic, and Environmental Security   [open pdf - 467KB]

"Energy policy is one of the most pressing and important issues of our day. Securing reliable and domestically available energy supplies is essential to the continued economic prosperity of the United States. It is also a national security issue. However, energy policy is also inseparable from the parallel, and sometimes adversarial, discussions over CO2 and its impact on climate change. This energy report brings the realities of the energy crisis into focus, in the hopes that it will motivate policy makers to set aside their partisan differences and come together on a real solution which protects our national economic and security interests as well as the environment. This report shows the current state of world energy consumption patterns, as well as likely future scenarios, to bring into focus the challenges we face as we seek to reduce our carbon footprint and wean our nation off fossil fuels. This report also briefly presents the current state of technology for alternative fuel sources-including biofuels, coal-to-liquid, wind, solar, and geothermal energy-in order to assess its present and future ability to displace fossil fuel consumption. While the thrust of this report is on securing adequate sources of energy, there is also a discussion of important policies that should be pursued to decrease our national demand for energy. The summary findings are an attempt to clearly state the issues in a national discussion that has become nothing more than political posturing, disingenuousness and one-upsmanship of one special interest lobby versus another."

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