Fact Sheet: Update on Counternarcotics in Afghanistan: August 2008 United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime Poppy Cultivation Survey   [open pdf - 738KB]

"The narcotics problem in Afghanistan is stabilizing, but considerable challenges remain in areas of the country where security is a problem. In the northern and central provinces the number of poppy-free provinces rose from 13 to 18 suggesting that where there is security and good governance counternarcotics policies are effective. In the south and west of the country cultivation is a continuing cause for concern as the lack of security and political will hinder progress. The Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, the United States and its international partners, and the United Nations Office of Drugs and Crime (UNODC) are engaged in a comprehensive strategy to fight the narcotics problem in Afghanistan by building on the successes where there is security and good governance, and developing new strategies in areas of the country where security concerns have hampered counternarcotics efforts."

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